Does it make sense to add an contextmenu eventhandler to layout cell?
I think it would make some things easier?

Could you explain this behaviour, please?

“ui” handles a 1C layout cell with a dataview:

    ui.cells("a").dataview = ui.cells("a").attachDataView();

Then i add a context menu to document.body which i would prefer to have for dataview body.

ui.cells("a").context = new dhtmlXMenuObject(document.body); ui.cells("a").context.setIconsPath("ui/icons/"); ui.cells("a").context.renderAsContextMenu(); ui.cells("a").context.addNewChild("1", "", "1", "New"); ui.cells("a").context.attachEvent("onClick", function(id) { window.execute(id); });
Then i could do following in example:

ui.cells("a").dataview.attachEvent("onBodyContextMenu", function() { ui.cells("a").dataview.unselectAll();  })


ui.cells("a").attachEvent("onBodyContextMenu", function() { ui.cells("a").dataview.unselectAll(); })

Ah, now i see
To set context menu to the cell’s inner div you need to use

ui.cells("a").context = new dhtmlXMenuObject(ui.cells("a").cell)

Thanks very much again!

You are welcome!