Control event making effect


I’m not sure about the correct title of this post.
But what i want to to understand how i can fixed this. First look out my screen shots.

Screen%20Shot%202019-07-10%20at%205 Screen%20Shot%202019-07-10%20at%205(1)

These are when i am dragging event’s length to down or up whether in updating mode or creating.
You can notice… there is a gap between my CURSOR and the ending edge of event. And this will be always same no matter how much bigger or smaller the time length of the event is…

i want to fix this …I want the cursor right top on the ending edge of the event…
I don’t know what happened . If any one can give me any idea. I’ll be thankful



As I see, the issue doesn’t occur in any of our samples

I suppose that you somehow redefined the default CSS rules of the Scheduler.
Please try to reproduce the problem using the snippet system. Update the code to get the behaviour as on your screenshot, then click on the Share button and send me the new link.

Exactly… you are saying right there is some overwrite in css.
But no idea where.
If you could give me any guess from where i should start finding this issue.?

You need to check CSS of the event container: div .dhx_cal_event with nested elements: