control events


Friends I have about a month knowing these excellent components and still can not identify how to do to make the insert update and delete

I need to manipulate these events in the scheduler EXAMPLE





that this could be manipulated but not how to do it separately allo’ve only logged beforeprocessing use but need to control for example when telling Isert to do certain things when I delete told to do other things and when you change otsras VERY IMPORTANT things I do appreciate your help

If you are using php version - you can just define custom function which will trigger necessary actions and assign it to the one of server side events … foreupdate


I tried that but it does not work you can give me an example of how to do? I’m using a file planificardor and do show me the following this consultation

Mostar.php ARCHIVE

$ Res = Log:: with ();
$ Scheduler = new schedulerConnector ($ res);

if ($ _GET [‘co_client’]! = “”) {

/ / This function is responsible for taking
function default_value ($ action) {

$ Action-> set_value (“co_cli”, $ _GET [‘co_client’]);


$ Scheduler-> event-> attach (“beforeProcessing”, “default_value”);

$ Scheduler-> render_sql ("SELECT start_date, end_date, description, citas.co_cli as c_cli, as nom_asesor asesores.nombre, id_cita, as nom_cliente, address, citas.cod_asesor as co_asesor, appointments FROM INNER area

JOIN advisors

GET ON =’".$_ citas.co_cli [‘co_client’]."’ AND asesores.codigo = citas.cod_asesor

INNER JOIN customer

Cliente.co_cli citas.co_cli = ON “,” id_cita “,” start_date, end_date, description, c_cli, cod_asesor, nom_asesor, nom_cliente, address, co_asesor, area ");

in planificardor so I call to worship

scheduler.load ("Code / Cosul_asesor_L.php? tipo_sol = <? php echo $ _GET [" tipo_sol "]?>");

Now I have to make the process as follows …

Guardar.php Archive

$ Res = Log:: with ();
$ Scheduler = new schedulerConnector ($ res);

if ($ _GET [‘co_client’]! = “”) {

/ / This function is responsible for taking
function default_value ($ action) {

$ Action-> set_value (“co_cli”, $ _GET [‘co_client’]);


$ Scheduler-> event-> attach (“BeforeInsert”, “default_value”);

$ Scheduler-> render_sql ("SELECT * FROM appointments

=’".$_ Citas.co_cli WHERE GET [‘co_client’]."’"," id_cita “,” start_date, end_date, description, co_cli, cod_asesor ");

What I do is I want to customize this file to change save and insert my own code because I want certain fields of plinificador xontrolaR that if information is screened or not I can take a particular value or leave the q wrote.

thank you for your help I have time really trying to make custom functions q gave me before but not as GET WITH not working allo

Please try to use code exactly as in the attached snippet

[code]$Scheduler = new SchedulerConnector ($res);

/ / This function is responsible for taking
function default_value($action){
$action->set_value(“co_cli”, $_GET[‘co_client’]);

$Scheduler->event->attach(“BeforeProcessing”, “default_value”);
$Scheduler->render_table(“appointments”, “id_cita”,“start_date,end_date,description,co_cli,cod_asesor”);


friend not work for me, keeps me fijate but does not allow update now, something aclarame

checking the calendar brings examples and making some modifications to one of them I noticed the following

This is the file that loads data into the planner

scheduler.load(“Codigo/Cosul_asesor_L.php?tipo_sol=<?php echo $_GET["tipo_sol"];?>&mostrar=X_perfil”);

then this file multi-table queries as follows:

switch ($_GET[“mostrar”]) {

case "X_perfil":  /***************** Case X_perfil ********************************/

/************************************************* *************************
/ * This portion of code is functional for the planner *
fil_X_perfil the name … Which allows select *
download the agenda of all consultants who meet certain *
Profile .* / / *
/************************************************* *************************/

	$cosulta ="SELECT cod_asesor,nombre FROM perf_asesor 
				INNER JOIN asesores ON perf_asesor.cod_perfil='".$_GET["tipo_sol"]."'
				 asesores.codigo = perf_asesor.cod_asesor";
				$result  = mysql_query($cosulta,$res);
				while ($repuesta= mysql_fetch_array($result)){

 $list = new OptionsConnector($res);
	$list-> render_sql("SELECT codigo as value, nombre as label FROM asesores WHERE codigo IN('".implode("','",$codigo_asesores)."')","","value,label");

	$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res);
	$scheduler->set_options("cod_asesor", $list);
	$scheduler->render_sql("SELECT fecha_inicial, fecha_final, descripcion, citas.co_cli, cod_asesor, asesores.nombre as nom_asesor, cliente.nombre as nom_cliente,cita_direc 
	 FROM citas, asesores, cliente WHERE cod_asesor IN('".implode("','",$codigo_asesores)."') AND asesores.codigo=citas.cod_asesor AND citas.co_cli = cliente.co_cli","id_cita","fecha_inicial,fecha_final,descripcion,citas.co_cli,cod_asesor,nom_asesor,nom_cliente,cita_direc 

Refer to that number of tables display some information grapevine in lixgbox and a tooltip

then for the save file does the following

The code scheduler

var dp = new dataProcessor(“Codigo/guardar_cita.php?co_client=<?php echo $_GET["co_client"];?>&mostrar=X_perfil”);

And the file that stores the following

if ($_GET[‘co_client’] != “”){

// Esta funcion se encarga de tomar
function default_values($action){




Now this allows me to save but not modified or deleted.

seeing examples of it I do not think multiselect_initial_loading

performs these operations because it is not multiselect


THE FOLLOWING note verifying the data.

that querying render_sql and run to see the xml file the id goes as follows

ID gives that bunch of numbers