Control in SmartRendering how many records get request in co


Is there a way to control the count parameter for the grid when using SmartRendering? I need to give it a minimum value of records to return so the grid won’t call 3 times. Right now it’s request 10, 12, 8 records each time instead of 20 in one shot for example.

This is a very important feature that we need at my work since our client base is large (over 200,000) and if all of them scroll around it could kill the DB server, not to mention the web servers. We have a pretty large server farm but even with that it can still be brought down.



Grid calculates count of rows based on current view size, but it can be changed by using second parameter of enableSmartRendering command

grid.enableSmartRendering(true,20); //grid will request 20 rows for each dyn. request

Actually , if you are using custom code on server side, you can change it to return any count of rows , the “count” attribute in server side request shows minimum count of row, which required by client, if response will contain a bigger amount of data - it will be processed correctly as well. ( “count” is more a recommendation info, than mandatory requirement. )