Control select multiple


In a form, If possible enable a control select as multiple?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi, try atached demo. (27.4 KB)


Which would be the Syntaxis with XML?
I try with <item type=“select” name=“xx” multiple=“true” , but don’t work.


Demo work fine alone.
If I use layout.cells(“a”).attachForm(formdata) , multiple select does not work.
What I’m doing wrong :question:

Hi Andrei.

Look the differences using the same var formdata definition.
Left frame correspond to dhxLayout.items[0].attachForm(formData) when I use a 3J layout.
Right frame correspond when I use the demo that you send me.

Inside cell layout, multiple select does not work.
What do you think is happening?

I’m using dhtmlx2.6 suite standard.

I will appreciate your help.


Dear DHTMLX team support.

In case you are interested.

This problem was solved by replacing the contents of the dhtmlxForm folder that comes with dxtmlx suite standard with demo content provided here and generate the dhtmlx.js and css again with composer.
Works well if form is defined using json, xml get an error.
From now on, to optimize time, I will use demos contents.