Controling Multiviews

I have a multi-dimensional view (multiview within multiview). I would like to set which view will be displayed in the second level multi-view before showing that view. Hope this makes sense, is it possible?

You can use show() method to display a view inside Multiview:

$$(“multiview2”).show(); // display a multiview
$$(“someView”).show(); // display a cell in the multiview

Also there is onViewChange that is called for Multiview when an active view gets changed. And its handler takes 2 arguments:

  1. the id of the previous active view
  2. the id of the new active view

Hi Alexandra,

I am currently using the show() view method on the top level multiview and then the sub view The problem with this is that I see two animations navigating down to the view and temporarily see the wrong view.

Is there a way to setup the second level multiview before showing it?