Converting a grid data to xls and csv Converting a grid dat

In conversion of CSV that you have told me the header are not converted into CSV. i also require that too. One more thing about kb question if i am responding to same thread do i have to post the question again if i want to continue the post or just answer your answer

When you are using
the result of the serializeToCSV will include the first row of a header ( only first row )

>>do i have to post the question again if i want to continue the post or just
If next question is a continuation of an original one - it will be better to post it as “answer to answer” , so the context of question will be more clear.

ok grid.enableCSVHeader(true) is for grid to CSV. Now i want to convert CSV to grid and off course csv will be containing headers. Following is the function that i wrote but its not working. Please help me in thsi regard

function Reload()



Id    PIN    First Name    Last Name    Agent
3804159267    2222    Jafer    Jafer    agent_name
8470291563    2323    ali    abbas    agent_name
9581347620    1111    TEST1    TEST    agent_name
3182596700    1234    zeeshan    sajid    agent_name
8032741569        abc    abc    agent_name
1978502346    121    qwe    asd    agent_name
8490156273    1111    Afzal    Sohail    agent_name
0582143769    asdf    khan    aaa    agent_name
1597028643    1111    asdf    asdfasd    agent_name
0918374562    1111    sdfasdf    dddddddddddd    agent_name
5960721438    1111    asdfasdf    dddddddddddd    agent_name
6289540173    1111    abc    abc    agent_name
3958472061    1111    abc    abc    agent_name
4635100278    11    ali    ali    agent_name
6751249083    211    as    asa    agent_name
2160847935    11    dfasdf    asdffasdf    agent_name
7598312406    1111    jafer    jafer    agent_name
1987045326    3333    Muhammad    Jafer    agent_name
1478056932    1111    Muhammad    Khan    agent_name
7965042318    2222    zeeshan    sajid    agent_name
3200578194    4444    raza    ali    agent_name
5719368004    1245    adil    KHAN    agent_name