copy/paste data from firefox not rendered correctly in Excel

var grid = new dhtmlXGridFromTable(“gridbox”);


function enableSelection(target)
var appName = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
if(appName.indexOf(“msie”) > 0 || appName.indexOf(“chrome”) > 0)
target.onselectstart=function(){return true};
else if (appName.indexOf(“firefox”) > 0){“text”;

else //Others
target.onmousedown=function(){return true}; = “default”;

With the above code snippet I am able to achieve data to be copied from table columns in Mozilla Firefox, once I copy multiple rows and columns and try to paste in Excel all the data comes in a single cell in an Excel file from Firefox 2. But in IE its working fine.
Kindly suggest.

Be sure to configure correct cell separator, for excel it must be

grid.csv.cell = "\t";

Tried but still not working. Kindly suggest

By copy data - do you mean just selection a text and pressing ctrl-c ?
If you are using native selection, component can’t affect it in any way, and result of selection will be based on browser ( IE handles html copy-paste in special way , which allows to recognize cell during paste in excel )

There is a separate operation for block copy-paste operations.

Check … ction.html

I tried the URL that is provided above but the Copy Paste operation on Mozilla Firefox-2 returned me this error.

Clipboard operations is blocked at your FireFox. To enable it please follow this link … board.html