Copy Paste not working on iPAD applicaiton

Hi ,

We have built a web application which is accessed within a native applicaiton web ui component.

We need to implement a copy paste functionality so that the data displayed in DHTMLX components like grid, label can be copied on to text fields and text area.

The ipad select, select all, cut, copy and paste options are visible when we touch data within text area and text fields, however this action is not captured when we touch data displayed in label and grid components.

Please share any possible solution to this issue.


Hi ,
I was able to analyze this issue further.
I created a simple jsp file with some static data. I was able to select the contents on this jsp on ipad.

However, when I added the calls to touchui.js and touchui.css in the jsp file, I was not able to select the text on the screen.

On removing the touchui.js file reference, it worked again.

On further investigation, I observed that on removing the dhx.extend method from the touchui.js file, the selection of the text works. However, due to this the other controls used in the applicaiton fail.

On the touchui.css file, i have modified the webkit-user-select properties value to auto.

Please let me know if you have any idea why this fails for selection of text.



Touch library blocks some browser events. We will check what could be done to solve the issue with selection and let you know.