Copy + Paste Problem with multi-line textarea excells

I have enabled copy and pasting in my grid but I have a problem when I copy a row which contains a cell with newline characters in it.  If I try and paste the row back into the grid then a new row is created for each line in the cell (because the grid interprets these characters as the start of a new row rather than the start of a new line within a cell).

The row delimiter can be changed as follows to some other sequence of characters (other than a new line). This will allow copying from the grid and pasting back into it without problems, but has the disadvantage that pasting multiple rows from an external spreadsheet will not work, and additionally copying from the grid and pasting into an external sheet will not work either.

mygrid._CSVRowDelimiter = ‘|||’;

I’m not sure if there are any true solutions to this problem, unless the data on clipboard could perhaps be stored as html or rtf in addition to  txt format, or if some flag could be set on the clipboard to say whether or not the data came from the grid or an external app.