Copy text from a Modal Alert/Confirm Message

Does anyone have a work-around to allow a user to copy text from a modal Alert or Confirm Message? The stated purpose of the Message is “a tiny but useful component that helps you to interact with a user of your application”. This is a great way to interact with a User but when text is provided that the user may want to copy, no “interaction” (at least for this functionality) is possible because no copy function works. Would love a work-around for this. Thank you!

You may select and copy a text from the alter/confirm box using a mouse.

Hello. Respectfully, I’m pretty sure that most of us know how to use a mouse to copy. But, could you humor me and go into YOUR snippet and try and copy the text in the alert box? I have tried a half-dozen different alert windows and while I can highlight the text (and CTRL-C), the resulting paste does not give me the text … what I get is whatever I copied BEFORE the attempt to copy from your alert window. I am using the most recent version of Chrome on a Windows box. I have tried more than one system as well.

You can use mouse context menu to copy a needed text from the message.

This is not a ‘normal’ action by a user. I’m not certain that - without telling them of this option - that many would know to deviate from what is customary to copy (ctrl-c). But thank you for providing an option.

Copying the text using a context menu is pretty normal usecase.
Unfortunately currently there is no possibility to extend the keyboard events for the dhx.alert/confirm, so I can only suggest to use the context menu solution.

Understand. Thank you. We have a disabled user who does not have mouse functionality so this is where the question first came from.

Oh, I see. This is a reasonable issue.
But I cannot get how the alert text should be highlighted in this case?