copy to clipboard doesn't work with links

Hi, i was cheking



in order to get a block selection and then copy this selection to clipboard, everything works fine, but, when in my grid i have some links, i get the text of the grid something like this


i need only 92288 data, and in my xml generation is something like that

echo “<cell title=”# de Pedido">".$idPED."^javascript:popitup4(“ordencompra.php”,“idPED=”.ofuscar($idPED)."",“datoscliente=”.ofuscar($datoscliente)."",“SPO=”.ofuscar($idORD)."",“racli=”.$_REQUEST[‘racli’]."")^_self";

i mean i need only the data, but it’s passing with all the code generation.

what would be the problem??

Many thanks in advance for your reply!!

Please try to use attached file instead of yours dhtmlxgrid_excell_link.js (958 Bytes)

thanks a lot for your help and for your quick reply

the attach solved the problem :slight_smile: