Hi! “copyBlockToClipboard” is awesome! But when i paste data i get HTML tags (for example TITLE) how can i get Only Text?


This resolved in oncoming version of grid (1.5) , here it possible to enable   

In result grid will copy only text which displayed in grid, without HTML tags
You can try to use two attached files ( which are taking from oncoming version and must be enough ) (11 KB)

Ok, this is working. Congratulations, is amazing paste in Excel this block selection with “\t”.

Just one tip, when i set a block, then filter (compex cheader - SRND)…the block selection persist, so if the results of filtering are less rows than block selection, when you try to “copyBlockToClipboard” gets an error.

Just trying to help, if you fix that, let me know…

Regards, oVox.

Thanks for you suggestion, we will fix issue, so oncoming version will work correctly in such case.