Copying comma separated numerical values from excel to edn c


I want to copy numerical value in comma separated format ( eg:-12,000 for twelve thousand) from Microsoft excel to dhtmlxgrid cell of type edn.But it is truncating after the first comma. (The cell will have value 12 after copying).How can i solve this?

Grid expects that data will be provided in native JS format , which doesn’t allow comma separators.
To resolve issue you can modify dhtmlxgrid_selection.js

dhtmlxgrid_selection.js, line 363
    ed[ ed.setImage ? “setLabel” : “setValue” ]( serialized[ k ][ l++ ] );
can be replaced with
    ed[ ed.setImage ? “setLabel” : “setValue” ]( ((serialized[ k ][ l++ ])||"").toString().replace(",","") );

thanks…it worked