CopyToClipboard - Firefox

There are different setting changes to allow JS to copy to clipboard using FF. What settings need to be changed depends on the API call who´s used from the JS engine.

I´ve try all of them but none will work with dhtmlGrid.

Is there a documentation how to allow CopyToClipboard in FF with dhtmGrid?


Block selection works well with the clipboard in FF.
Here is the working example: … ction.html

Yes I know - the command works well.

The problem is FF - per default access to clipboard is denied. I´ll found 3 different ways in some threads to enable it (depends on the API call in the MOZILLA kernel the JS use) and try all of them without success.

So my questions was: “Whats needs to be changed in FFs config to get the command working”


Please, refer to the link from my previous reply.
You can see that clipboard operations using the block selection works well in FF without any modifications.


again it´s not a problem of dHTMLGrid it´s a setting in FF, but I can´t find what´s need to be changed in FF.

In your docu you descripe this problem and how to catch the error to present your own errormessage instead of FF alert(“…”) (see attachment) but unfortunately there no remark what´s need to be changed in FF settings.

Since 4.0 version of dhtmlxgrid clipboard operations are available using the block selection.
About the enabling the clipboard operations in fireFox: … _clipboard