coro multi select


i posted a message the other day. i dont know if you got it ok so thought i would write it again. im just wondering whether you can have a multi select on a coro column in a tree. if not do you have any ideas on how i can achieve this


The coro excell not support multiselect by default ( the list part of it is native select box, so basically it can be changed in source code, but it will require some way to store and process such multiple select data - it may be not easy task - if you interested I can provide base steps which necessary for such modification )

Grid contains other excell, which can be used as multiselect list ( it suits even better than selectbox for small lists, on my opinion)
Please check “clist” excell … 9485981000

( and of course - there is no technical problem to implement such functionality as custom excell )


thanks for the reply. the clist looks perfect. is the use of the clist included with the professional license of the treegrid that we have already purchased?