coro type -> how to get option value, not label


in my grid, I have a column which is set as followed :

<rows> <head> (...) <column type="co"> Combo column <option value="1"> First </option> <option value="2"> Second </option> <option value="3"> Third </option> </column> (...)

an “onEditCell” event is attached to this grid and will call a function which get the values for each col from the selected row.

But, as for as the coro type column is concerned, I can only get the option label and not its value.

updatedCells[i] = this.cells(rId,i).getValue();

will return “First”, “Second”, “Third” while I need it to return “1”, “2”, “3”… :frowning:

on dhx doc page :

I found the following :

var value = combo.values[combo.keys._dhx_find(key)];

Can you please tell me if this can help me ?
if yes, can you explain what ‘keys’ and ‘key’ are and give me a concrete example ?

Thanks for your appreciated help.


My version : DHTMLX v3.0 Pro

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
getValue() method returns cell’s value correctly in case of co/coro excell.
If issue still occurs - please, provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.