Correct dhtmlx way to append object/image on form input


I need help. I attached a cropped screenshot here. See above figure.
I would like to ask how to achieve this kind of layout using form input control dhtmlx way.

I would like to attach an image button next to an input control like the above figure (refresh button)

My current code:

var form_structure;
var form = new dhtmlXForm("container_frm", form_structure);

form_structure = [
  {type: 'input',label:'Names',labelWidth:80,inputWidth:200,
  list: [
    note: [
           {text: '<a href="#"><img src="/icons/refresh.png"></a>'}

The above code does not position next to the input control. I tried adding offsetTop and offsetLeft but still it does not work.

You may use the block and the new_column items to merge the items in a row: