Correction on some recurring Strings (pt) and help with Date

Hi DHX staff! I wish to say that your component for Joomla! is great!

Searching through the topics here, solved many of problems I was facing. Mainly with recurring events. There’s the list:

  • Update a recurring event on the Monthly view - Save button not working.
    I got this fixed with this topic.

  • End date format of a recurring event - to brazillian format.
    Got this fixed with this topic. Just opened “dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js” file and changed what was mentioned.

  • Few wrong strings on “locale_recurring_pt.js” - “Daily”, some days of the week and “ocurrencies”. (982 Bytes)
    I’m attaching the file if you wanna look, based on the images below:

Wrong strings:

Corrected strings:

But now I have one problem and one doubt, the start date set of recurring events is getting before the actual value, like 3 days before. Eg.: If it’s 2011-10-19, in the backend is 2011-10-16. Please could someone help me with that?

Also, the red arrow on the first image is about the end date of a recurring event, could it be more dinamic? Get the actual date?

Best regards, and once more thanks for the component.
~ Aluízo Jr. ~

When week-recurring mode is used - start data automatically moves to the start of week. It can’t be changed

As for end-repeat-date - it possible to configure initial value by using


Unfortunately this value will be used only once, so you will not be able to change it for each next edit operation

Thanks for corrections in - we will include them in the next version of the scheduler.

Thanks for the tips Stanislav, I would analyze this in the project here. :smiley:

About the file, you’re welcome.

Sorry for the double post Stanislav but I found more Strings needing correction and finished it.
I was in a hurry yesterday. (975 Bytes)

Have a nice day!