Correctly Escaping Special Characters

I have tried all the above but am not getting succes. Perhaps I did something wrong.

I need to send up “AT&T” – and what I get is $_POST[“31_Client”]=“AT&T”

( I am using myGridDataProcessor.setTransactionMode(“POST”,true):wink:

I 1st added: myGridDataProcessor.enableUTFencoding(true); There was no effect. But no errors either.

I then tried changing the “escape(” to “encodeURIComponent(”’ (leaving the above line in). This time I threw lots of errors in dhtmlxdataprocessor.js. I tried to get past all the errors. But never did.

How can I acomplish this using $_POST?

I need to send up “AT&T” – and what I get is $_POST[“31_Client”]="AT&T"
Because KB using HTML based editors result post looks as correct behavior, but probably you are mean that response contains & , right?

The grid supports two types of cell editors
- html based ( default )
- text based

If you need to have special HTML characters, such as & < > unchaged - you need to use text based cell types ( edtxt, rotxt instead of ed, ro ) … lspecchars

>>( edtxt, rotxt instead of ed, ro )

This worked! Thanks!