Could I filter in agenda view only?No need filter month view

How can I filter just in agenda view only?
Because I no need to filter Month View.

I think that In below method is included month view and agenda view,
I can’t separate loading data to agenda view only.

public ContentResult Data()
Load Linq data with condition(this.Request.QueryString[“StartDate”])

var CalendarEventtmp = new List();

for each Linqdata
var calendartmp = new CalendarEvent();
calendartmp.text = xxx
calendartmp.start_date = xxx
calendartmp.end_date = xxx

var data = new SchedulerAjaxData(CalendarEventtmp);
return (data);

Thanks for advance.

You can use client side filtering … _filtering

Filtering rules can be assigned to the specific views. So while all other views will show all events, view in question will show the filtered set.