Could not control exact rows and columns

Congrats for the new version.

I have just downloaded the new version and my testing shows that x_count and y_count is not being obeyed. I need a situation where I can control the exact number of rows and columns I need to display even when I set my desired margins and paddings. Also, I don’t want any rules or scroll bars to show.

This is an issue I raised why trying the release candidate but it seems to have not been resolved. I may be wrong, if so point me in the right direction. I could not find a concrete example of what I want.


After playing around with my code for a while, I found out that the problem lies with the definition of the custom CSS I defined. If you are going to use any custom CSS, don’t define any borders, margins or padding in the CSS.

If you need to have padding or margin and still want to use x_count and y_count settings , you can define the necessary values as part of type

var data = new dhtmlXDataView({ type:{ template:"...", padding: 2, margin:2 } })

We will try to add the support for full css styling in future, but as for now - setting padding and margin on items of dataview through css can mess auto-sizing.