Could the APIs apply to the whole XML Tree in Smart XML Pars

We are evaluating your tree component, and we need the Smart XML Parsing feather(Because we have a big tree), we are wondering that what kinds of APIs can work basing on the whole XML Tree or just visible nodes, especially these API: “findItem” ,“focusItem(itemId)” and “openItem(itemId)”.

Thanks a lot!

In case of dhtmlxtree in smart XML parsing mode - nearly all functionality will work correctly with any item in tree ( visible or not ). Basically you can execute any command against item which stored in unparsed branches - component will locate it automatically, parse and execute necessary action.

can search in not parsed branches , please beware that processing of HTML entities ( & and similar ) may differ

>>“focusItem(itemId)” and "openItem(itemId)"
works correctly with SmartXMLParsing mode

Please beware if you execute some command against all tree ( for example tree.openAll ) - it will cause parsing of whole tree XML and as result it will nullify performance gained by mode usage.