Counter control question

Hi Alexandra,

 I have a question about the DHTMLX Touch UI Counter control below:
 How can I set the width of the value field in counter control?
 I have set the valueWidth as "auto", but is seemed invalid.
 Here is the javascript code:
      [i] dhx.ui({
				view : "counter",
				id : "cntr_id",
				label : "Price",
				step : 50,
				valueWidth : "auto",
				value : 1250,
				min : 1000,
				max : 1500,
				labelWidth : 100,
				labelPosition : "left",
				labelAlign : "left"
  Could you give me some advices? Many thanks.


Attached is the screenshot!


you can increase the width for the counter input in dhx_inp_counter_value css class:

.wide_counter .dhx_inp_counter_value{
width: 70px;

view: “counter”,
css: “wide_counter”,