Create a Custom View that incorporates the Day, Week and Month tabs

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out if the DHTMLX Scheduler has the ability to use custom views in conjunction with the Day/Week/Month buttons.

For instance, we would like to have the calendar display in two modes: Calendar mode and List mode.

In Calendar mode it would function just as it does now when flipping between Day, Week and Month.

In List mode, the control would no longer show the DHTML calendar day, week and month view, but would instead display a custom “list” view which would just be a simple listing of the events based on the date range as chosen by the Day, Week or Month tabs.

As I am a new user I’m restricted to 1 image so I’ll attach the “List View - Week” image that shows the “List” tab and “Week” tab selected and a listing of results for that date range.

Visual example:

List View - Week

My question is, is this possible? I know I can create a custom view, so that much shouldn’t be an issue to create the new List “view.” I’m more concerned with being able to have 2 different views that interact with the Day, Week and Month tabs.

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I think it can be implemented and implementation doesn’t depend on Scheduler functionality. When click event on Day, Week or Month tabs fires you need to make an additional check to know if it is Calendar mode or List mode. And based on the result - show appropriate view.