Create a outline of task

Hi everyone,
Is any way to creating a outline of a task in gantt chart?


can you please elaborate on what exactly you want to implement?
What do you mean by the outline of a task in the gantt and how it should look like?
If you have any design mockups or any kind of illustration, it would help a lot.

Hi @Aliaksandr
this is the outline of the task i want. It have a border orange color.
Thanks for reply my topic.


You probably can do it with css using box shadow or border color:

     box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px orange; 
     border-radius: 0;

Demo: (please check the HTML tab) - click any task to highlight it.

Please note that in this example I highlighted a selected task. If you want to highlight tasks by some other criteria, you can add to them a custom css class using task_class template:

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Hi @Aliaksandr,
Thank you for sp me and reply very fast.
I have solved it successfully.