Create a timeline viewing second half of day one from 13:00 to first half of day two till 13:00


Need to create a timeline to view the second half for day one and the first half for day two with navigators


Hello @Rohit_Bhosale ,

The question is not fully clear to me, so please correct me if I mistake.

If you want to create a timeline with a range from the middle(13:00) of one day to the middle(13:00) of the second day, you can do it with the following config:

  name:	"timeline",
  x_unit:	"hour",
  x_date:	"%H:%i",
  x_step:	1,
  x_size: 25,
  x_start: 13,
  x_length: 24,
  y_unit:	sections,
  y_property:	"section_id",
    x_unit: "day", 
    x_date: "%F %d" 

Where the x_unit is an hour(that allows you to control timeline range by hours). The x_start is 13 which means, that the first day of the timeline will start from the 13th hour. And the x_size is 25, which meant that the timeline will contain 2 half days.

Here is a demo:

You can find all config options for the timeline in the createTimelineView method article: