create different functions for swipeX to the left and right

Is it possible to launch different functions on a left and right swipe? I only get the direction (X or Y) to work.

thanks in advance!

Currently there is no way to obtain such info

ah… Then my great idea will not succeed :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the fast response!

In my case i need to navigate through days using swiping function in the calendar application. For example if user swipe left, show next day.if user swipes right, show previous day. Is there any alternative way to do this. In … 1.1.min.js, there is a function to swipeleft and swiperight. Can i use them with the dhxscheduler_mobile.js?

Please see the following:


Thanks.That worked well for day view. But i have an another issue. I have also integrated the week view in a mobile application. I need to use swiping functionality in week view. I tried to use to do that. But when i use those two with the dhtmlxscheduler.js, week view is not working. How to solve this problem? Is there any other way to implement swiping functionality for week view?

I don’t know about the scheduler, but I use this function in my apps

  s.x > e.x ? rightToLeft() : leftToRight() ;

function rightToLeft()
  // user swiped right to left

function leftToRight()
  // user swiped left to right


how do you want the week view to look like on mobile device? Could you provide some pictures?

In my opinion, week view like in our desktop scheduler is not a good idea for small-screen devices. Day and Month views perfectly replace Week view.

Timeline View as created in the regular scheduler can be displayed successfully smaller screens, especially in Landscape mode on modern smartphones. Maybe that is what is required rather than Week view.

I sent some examples in the following thread