Create Event Button

With the new touch capabilities that are to be introduced in the scheduler, it would be useful to have a “create event” button next to the Today button.

What is the easiest way to implement this?

Are there any of the sample files that I could look at for an example? I tried checking most of them, but could not see any that seemed to do anything like that.


Just place button anywhere on the page ( or in scheduler’s head html - where tabs currently placed ) with code like

<input type='button' onclick='scheduler.addEventNow()' value='add event'>

Thanks for the code snippet.

I was already doing something similar, but I hoped that it might be possible to do it using some of the existing Terrace CSS … or do I need to create the styling css myself by copying the css from the today button?

Try to alter scheduler’s html code like

<div id="scheduler_here" class="dhx_cal_container" style='width:100%; height:100%;'> <div class="dhx_cal_navline"> <div class="dhx_dummy dhx_cal_today_button" style='right:220px' onclick='scheduler.addEventNow()'>Add event</div>

It will look as native terrace button

Excellent. That’s exactly how I wanted it to look.

I had tried that already except for the dhx_dummy so that was the key part that I had missed.

Thanks for that,