Create events per hour

Its possible create event without minutes, only hour per hour?

For example, create an event that start at 8.00h and finish it at 9.00h without showing the range of minutes to configure it.


You can’t do it for a single event, but you can reconfigure scheduler to never show minutes selector.

Yeah, that’s what I’m want! How can I do it? … e_controls

Just skip time part in the config.time_format
Also, it will have sense to set confg.time_step to 60

UP!! Can anyone help me, please?

Sorry, I didn’t read reply below. time_step it works for me, but now my postgre db don’t save any event that I create.

[Fri Apr 05 09:05:04 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type timestamp: "2013-04-05 09"\nLINE 1: ...start,res_dateend,res_name,res_detalis) VALUES ('2013-04-0...\n                                                             ^ in /var/www/re/src/desktop/codebase/connector/db_postgre.php on line 13

Can anyone help me now?

By any chance have you removed time part from config.xml_format as well ?
This one describes as date format for server communication, and must stay unchanged.