Create task pop-up questions

Dear ,

When I apply the Gantt chart component, the pop-up content of the creation task is inconsistent with the pop-up style and content in the component according to our actual business.

So How can I adjust the interaction and fields of the new task

Hi @kaikai,
If I understand you correctly, you want to customize the lightbox, which appears on creating/editing the task, am I right?
You can add some additional fields to the lightbox, using the gantt.config.lightbox.sections, for example, in a snippet below I added the “Priority” field to the task, and can change it using the lightbox:

You can change the styles of the default lightbox elements using CSS, here is an example(HTML tab):

Also, you can create the fully custom lightbox, here is the link to the docs, Custom Lightbox:

lightbox to add/remove sections and controls:
Templates of the Lightbox to specify the format of lightbox elements:

That’s great. This is what I want.
Thank you Very much.

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