Create Tree Timeline X-Scale

I am try to create a tree timeline scheduler but I am unable to get the settings right for the scale I want. I need the grid to show boxes for every 5 minutes but I want the X headers to show every hour. Is this possible? Here is the code I have now for the initialize timeline which displays the right step but not the scale.

Also, is there a way to show a multi-colored bar? For example, I want a 5 hour event but in the middle of the 5 hours I want to show a red section between hours 3-4.


            section_autoheight: false,
            name: "timeline",
            x_unit: "hour",
            x_date: "%H:%i",
            x_step: 1,
            x_size: 24,
            x_start: 0,
            x_length: 288,
            y_unit: sections,
            y_property: "section_id",
            render: "tree",
            folder_events_available: false,
            dy: 20

So I figured out that I could enable horizontal scrolling (via a css patch) and then add a second scale to show hours over over the 5 minute steps. The only issue now is that the first scale shows the minutes overlapping. I was able to blank out the value for the first scale by entering a x_date = " ". I would like to remove the first scale all together. Any ideas?

NOTE: The hour_height setting does not apply to timeline view.