Create with drag jumps up page

We have the following issue, any ideas what could be causing it.

If I scroll down to the bottom of a page of a lot of data and then start to drag to create a new event, rather than creating the event on the line I click, the page jumps and the event is created on a line higher up the schedule.

Onbeforedrag shows the correct section I’d

Onenedrag shows the incorrect one, after the jump.

Not sure if it is related, but if we edit an event lower down the scheduler, once the edit is complete, the page jumps higher up the data so we have to scroll down to the bottom to see what we changed.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciate.



So I have done some more investigation and this is what happens

  1. Left click in the cell where we want to start the drag-to-create - all ok, onBeforeDrag fires with correct section id

  2. As soon as we move the mouse to drag to the next cell, within the same section, the scheduler jumps higher up and starts creating the temporary event in the wrong place

  3. When we release the mouse button, to complete the drag-to-create, the temp event is in the wrong section, but has the correct dates. onDragEnd shows the section id as the new, incorrect jumped to section.

Hi @jezzerwebb,

Based on your explanation, I think the issue can be related to custom CSS rules in your app. The described behaviour isn’t reproduced in any of our samples.

Please reproduce the issue using the snippet system: update the code to get the described behaviour, thenk click on Share button and send me new link.
Then I will be able to investigate it and find a solution.