Created too many static background style script every time when a gantt component mounted


see screenshot above, I seem discover the bug, every time I mount or remount a gantt component, the static background style scripts created, but it didn’t remove this style script when unmount the gantt widget, is this a bug? could you fix this?

Hello Kevin,
Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce it.
Please, send me a project with Gantt where I can reproduce it locally.

It’s happened every time you mount and unmount the gantt component in a Single Page App.

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for the clarification.
I tried it again and found the <style> elements. It can be reproduced even in the snippet.
I added it as a bug in the tracker, and the dev team will fix it in the future. I cannot give you an ETA, but I will notify you when the fix is ready.

Now, as a workaround, you can delete those elements manually after unmounting Gantt. Here is an example:

Already found this solution, thanks Ramil.

Hello Kevin,
Sorry, that I didn’t inform you earlier, but the bug with the static background was fixed in the 6.1.3 version:

Thanks Ramil, already used this version