Creating a new Skin for dhtmlxGrid

Hi there,

Could someone tell me where the current Skin-files are located

for the dhtmlxGrid component or how I could add a new Skin myself?

Thanks in advance.


Basically the all skin related info stored in dhtmlxgrid.css ( custom images stored in common place - codebase/imgs )

setSkin command adds custom css class to the top grid container  => gridbox_{skin_name}

grid.setSkin(“test”) => gridbox_test

The dhtmlxgrid.css contains sets of rules for such cases, which redefined base css styling

div.gridbox_modern   << top container
div.gridbox_modern .dhx_sub_row  << sub row
div.gridbox_modern .xhdr << free space right to header
div.gridbox_modern table.hdr << header zone
div.gridbox_modern table.hdr td << element of header
div.gridbox_modern table.hdr td div.hdrcell << inner element of header
div.gridbox_modern table.hdr .filter << filters in header
div.gridbox_modern table.obj td  << element of table body
div.gridbox_modern table.row20px tr td << element of table body in fixed height mode
div.gridbox_modern table.obj tr.rowselected td << selected row
div.gridbox_modern table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox table.obj td.cellselected  << selected cell
div.gridbox_modern .odd_modern << alter css coloring
div.gridbox_modern td  << cell inside footer