Creating custom filters for grid

Hi guys,

I had seen an example before where you could create custom <input type=text …>search boxes for columns.
Now we have #select_filter to simplify it . But can anyone post that link to the old sample where the <select box could be loaded with custom values ? (i.e instead of displaying the distinct values from the columns below the header I need to load custom text which will filter it to values in the grid based on a separate comparison function ? ) I 've seen this before but this time the search pulled out no results :unamused:

Anyway thanks guys for the great framework. If you could make the forms component as fashionable as then I would definitely buy this framework.

It’s really great and looks like the Delphi IDE (best IDE forever :smiley: ).

Yes sigmawidgets is supercool including their Visual designer. The only thing I hate about it is their poor documentation and inability to integrate on a page with other html components which dhtmlx is a clear winner.