Creating Tree from JSP Custom Tag

I have Jsp page with the JSP custom tag on it. JSP custom tag creates tree structure so that
jsp is rendering xml to the browser which represents this tree structure.

Is that possible to use this XML as a input to create dhtmlx Tree object?

Thank you

You may gererate xml stream using JSP:


Note that tree requires a certain xml format. Moreover, the content-type must be correct - text/xml

Thank you Alexandra. Thta’s what helpful.
What do you mean by specific XML format?
Is the example in the loadXMl(*.xml) considered correct xml format?

If my xml started like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Is this acceptable? I mean xmlns namespace is allowable?

Thank you again,


What do you mean by specific XML format?

Here is the xml example: … t_template

Unfortunately, xml namespace can’t be applied.

Thank you Alexandra.
We were able to load our tree from JSP Custom Tag.

We are considering to buy thsi product.

We are waiting for response from our security team.