Critical Bug in GanttChart 2.0

A Critical Bug in Gantt Chart 2.0

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getDate’ of undefined

This bug is even exhibited in your hosted demos.

If you delete whole tasks to start clean, and click on the + sign in the header, nothing will happen, except the javascript error shown above.

Confirmed, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll fix the problem as soon as possible

Please try the latest build of the component (413 KB)

You are brilliant, keep up the good work

I shall comfirm

Hmmm, there seems a progress…

but now I am getting different error as follows:

JavaScript error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘id’ of undefined on line 169 for …/…/codebase/dhtmlxgantt.js

this is my sql table ddl:

CREATE TABLE gantt_tasks (
text varchar(255) NOT NULL,
start_date datetime NOT NULL,
duration int(11) NOT NULL,
progress float NOT NULL,
sortorder int(11) NOT NULL,
parent int(11) NOT NULL,

Can I post on this topic the bugs concerning dhtmlx_Gannt 2.0 ?
Is there another post to report the bugs ?
I use the version 2.0_130926 with php connector, mysql and IE 8.
I encountered some bugs concerning deleting links.
When I make a link and I delete it without reloading it works, it’s deleted.
When I reload the page and try to delete a link it disappears but it’s not deleted in the database. I reload the page and the link is still there.

There is a problem with php connector ( only xml one is affected, json based one works correctly )

Please update gantt with the attached version, we will update the oficial version in few days as well. (445 KB)

Thanks for your reply.
I have tried the xml connector with your code but it doesn’t load the xml.
I have got this error : Error type: load XML / Description: incorrect XML
I have checked my config.php file and tried with 04_connector_json.html and it’s loading datas and updating correctly.
Thanks for your great work.

When I add a new task if it’s longer than the last date displayed, the chart is not updated.
When I reload the page with IE8, all the changes have made disappears. I have checked the mysql database and the datas are saved.
I have made a button to reinitialize like in the samples\01_initialization\14_reinitializtion.html but it doesn’t work. I call this function onclick:
function reinit(){
Is it a problem with my navigator IE8 or with my configuration windows apache mysql or wth the library ?

I have updated my library with the last dev package available. I checked with another post about the scroll bar.
My problem came from a

I have put on top of my chart.
I wanted something similar to this example … tures.html
I had to put this function :
function modSampleHeight(){
var headHeight = 122;
var sch = document.getElementById(“gantt_here”); = (parseInt(document.body.offsetHeight)-headHeight)+“px”;
var contbox = document.getElementById(“contbox”); = (parseInt(document.body.offsetWidth)-300)+“px”;
I call it on load and it works just fine.