crosslink not updating pivot table

Using the crosslink connector.

As the examples show.

When creating a new event, it attempts to insert ONLY the event id into the pivot table.
I confirmed with the log that the SQL sent only updates the events_id field.

When updating a existing event, it attempts to update no columns and passes no values to the pivot table.

$operator->options->render_table("operators", "id", "id(value),name(label)");
$operator->link->render_table("events_operators", "events_id", "operators_id,events_id");

Is there something I am doing wrong? The table scheme is almost identical to the example code, except id is just id not ‘event_id’ as that is the schema in my shop. So all tables just have id for there own internal id column.

Another concern is I used InnoDB, and can’t find anything that states we should use MyISAM. Could this be the problem? Thanks.

This makes no sense.

Usage of InnoDB must not cause any problems.

I can confirm the issue with cross link connector. It does expect that id in cross link table and id in the events table are named the same. Please try to update crolsslink_connector.php with the attached one. (1.41 KB)