CRUD with Form and Connector

Could you help me an example about CRUD with Form and Connector?
With Grid, I can addRow() for Insert, deleteSelectedRow() for Delete and Connector doing the process. But with Form only

If only using save().I don’t know how to insert,update,delete action with form


FYI, I’m using PHP connector

The main scenario for the form is the data editing. While you can use it for inserting or deleting it is not so convenient.

The server side code configuration is the same for any component, you initing the necessary class and use render_table or render_sql to define the source table and list of fields.

Client-side code also is similar for form and grid, you are using load command to load data and init dataprocessor for all other operations.

To delete data from the form:


To insert data from the form:


Thanks for your response. I will try

For inserted and updated no issues, but error when set “resetDataProcessor” to deleted. When I looking at docs about resetDataProcessor at … essor.html no option for deleted.

Is it DataProcessor in Form can’t delete data directly ?


While it is not mentioned in docs, “deleted” state still supported.

We have expected that form will be used for editing the existing data or, maybe, for adding a new data. It was not expected that form will be used for deleting, but the logic of dataprocessor supports all CRUD operations anyway.

Sir Thank you very much for your explanation

Hi Stanislav,

I am using the grid to list a view (join few tables in db). I want to update the record through dhtmlxForm. e.g the client’s contact information is among few tables (contact table, email table, address table)

Is it possible to update all associated tables via dhtmlx processer? what do you suggest? how to write the CRUD script?