CSS for Footer


I am using dhtmlx treeGrid version 2.0. I want to change the style of the footer using css classes. At present in the dhtmlgrid.css i see the footer class as div.gridbox div.ftr. I am uising my custom skin and i have written a css class for the footer changing the bg color.

div.gridbox_myskin div.ftr td {




        border-top:1px solid gray;

        border-right:1px solid gray;


        font-style : italic;





How can i change the skin for the footer?

Footers hasn’t any special skins. You can change it’s appearance using followin csss stylesheets:

div.gridbox div.ftr - container of all footers

div.gridbox div.ftr td - footer element

If you want to attach styles to the particular footer’s cell you can use 2nd parameter of attachFooter method:

mygrid.attachFooter(“Label 1.1,Label 1.2,#rspan”,[‘background-color: red’,‘background-color: blue’,’’])