Css of block time not getting applied.

This is my code for blocking a day in unit view

days: new Date(20103, 28, 22),
zones: “fullday”,
sections: { unit: [1] },
type: “dhx_time_block”,
css: “green_section”


The day is getting blocked however the css class is not being applied ie green_section.
However this works in normal days view.


days: new Date(20103, 28, 22),

the date seems invalid, are you sure that you’ve specified it exactly that way?

srry its a typo but i have specified it properly in my code
new Date(2013, 8, 22),

we’ve confirmed the problem. addMarkedTimespan does not apply custom css class to blocking timespans, although it’s specified in docs. We’ll try to fix it in the nearest time.
Currently the only available solution is to apply custom css settings to basic class for blocking timespans.dhx_time_block{ background-color:red !important; }