CSS Tweeks


Wow, after years of use, the only things at the moment I would like are a few minor changes to the look and feel. This is a very solid well created product!

Tweek #1:
I would love if the SkinBuilder under the SkyBlue tab had a few more skins in which the grid column headers were different colors than the skin layout color. For exmaple, take the Sky Blue skin which already looks great, if the grid column headers had a big of gray to create a bit of a separation from it’s blue container.

I know it is possible for me to do this already using various methods and style sheets. What can I say? You can do it so much better! As I am focusing more on functionality than the artistic.

Tweek #2:
The close button in dhtmlxWindow is sort of hard to hit the first time on an iPad. It would be cool if the top right section of the window were more like a button rather than a icon.



thanks for suggestions. any chance you can attach screenshot with applied idea for #1 ?


The only CSS change I’ve done for grids so far is to lighten the Odd / Even row background and then make the first row shaded:


Do you mean add odd/even rows bg-color into skinBuilder?


Full screen layouts become a bit overwhelming when there is so much of one color. If you have a layout and then add a toolbar and then put a grid under the toolbar, there is too much of the same color. The layout, toolbar, grid header and odd/even color is the same color and it’s monotone.

Somewhere something needs to contrast. If the gird headers were lightened, that would break up the monotony. Adding contrast with the odd/even rows also helps.