CSS with form block object



I wondering how to assign or define a correct CSS className to an block object. There is an example:

   //JSON Form object Definition
   obj_JSNForm = [{type: "settings", position: "label-left", labelWidth: 90, inputWidth: 130, width:'1024'},
    {type: "block", width: 1024, 
        list: [
            {type: "label", labelWidth:1024, label: "Label 1", name:"obj_BlockTitle",className:"dashboard_title"}

There is my CSS definition

    -webkit-box-sizing: content-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: content-box;
    box-sizing: content-box;
    border: 1px solid;
    background: rgba(9,0,109,1);

If I set the className of the label object, that’s work well. If I set the className value for the block object, that’s dont work.

Does anyone succeed to implement a CSS to a block object?

Thank you


Unfortunately, currently the css class assignment is not available in the form.


Ok. thank you. For the others who will need this feature, I found a workaround by using a table instead of using the block form element. We we can put any type of border and that’s work. The code is less sexy, but that’s work.

Thank you