.csv - dhtmlxgrid data loading - correct file path, format

Hi there

My issue is regarding this topic:

I’m trying to get the grid to load my .csv file (UTF-8, 2 columns, header is named “cell”)

I have it working as I want with an xml. So I know it’s just this issue.

What have I done: Added this three lines (deleting the xml load one)
var csvstr=“11,12,13\n21,22,23\n31,32,33”;

Should I not be doing it like that?

Thanks for your support.

Are you using Grid or TreeGrid? It not possible to load dhtmlxTreeGrid from csv format as it doesn’t support hierarchical structure.

I’m using the grid , not treegrid.

Please check working example here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … d_csv.html

Thanks, just tried that, but my table content looks like this when I open in a editor

“first item”,“first link”
“second item”,“second link”

I then pasted it into demo page (bottom), but it doesn’t import…