CSV loading different in dhtmlx

I am loading CSV data with AJAX. I noticed that if I use dhtmlx.js (the compiled file for developers) that the first element in a row is shown in the grid instead of being treated as the rowID (which messes up my columns). If I use only dhtmlxgrid.js (and related files) then the rowID is not shown in the grid.

Is this difference a bug or something I need to understand for future development with dhtmlx.js?

Thank you.

The grid can work in two modes
a) use first value or each row in CSV as row ID
b) autogenerate row ID, and use all values from CSV as column values ( can be enabled|disabled by grid.enableCSVAutoID(mode) )

I have checked both dhtmlxgrid.js and dhtmlx.js from 2.0 package - both uses behavior (a) by default.

I believe I have reproduced the problem.  In my script I am using the pipe character as the delimiter.

mygrid.csv.cell = “|”

This works OK with dhtmlxgrid.js, but does not work properly with dhtmlx.js.  If you change your test data to pipe-delimited and set this attribute I believe you should be able to reproduce what I reported - the first element is not treated as the rowID with dhtmlx.js.

A dhtmlx.js solution would be helpful so that we can continue to use this file in our development.


Problem confirmed, the behavior changes automatically if dhtmxgrid_nxml.js file included ( which occurs in case of dhtmlx.js using )
For now , you can try to add next line before data loading


The next build of dhtlmxgrid will have necessary fix, to work correctly in both cases. ( you can contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com if you need updated files ASAP )