CSV parse

I have another question regarding CSV string parser:

When I create a string in the following format: a0,b0,c0 \n a1,b1,c1 \n , I am having a grid to be created with column0 to have 2 rows with following values: b0,b1, and column1 to have values c0,c1, while column2 has no data.

I then tried to create a csv string that has this format: 0,a0,b0,c0 \n 1,a1,b1,c1 \n , now grid looks as it should :

column0 to have 2 rows with following values: a0,a1, and column1 to have values b0,b1, while column2 has c0,c1… In the example there is no numbering of the rows of data for csv format, is this an error, or am I doing something incorrectly?



0,101,Dent Carry,US,Sigmasoft,33.9,56.9,453.9,120.7\n1,102,RA,Ed,Sidney,61,31,80,47\n2,103,CA,Pa,Solomon,82,70,33,38\n


Thank you in advance.

While loading data from CSV grid can work in two ways
a) first value of each row threated as ID ( default )
b) id autogenerated and, all values mapped to related column

Behavior (b) can be enabled by
grid.enableCSVAutoID(true); //dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js