CSV support vs JSON


Hello, We are evaluating this product for our needs. I like the JSON loading, bit we don’t want to store our data in a format that ties us to a specific tool. Does the spreadsheet support the loading of CVS files. or would I need to convert those to Excel?

Also, is there a performance hit in loading an xls file vs json data?



Yes, the component can load data from CSV


we don’t want to store our data in a format that ties us to a specific tool

You can store data in the dabase in any format, and just convert data to the format of spreadsheet as part of REST api. CSV is fine, but you will not be able to store styling info in the CSV


Thanks for the reply. We are currently working with loading a CSV file, but we can’t find a way to get the CSV data back as CSV? Are we missing something? We have found the xls export, but dont want to save our data as xls, and we would prefer not to have to convert, as our data sets are quite large.


There is no possibility to export the spreadSheet data to csv. You may export it to xls or serialize it to json:


Not being able to save as csv is a deal breaker for us. We will be dealing with 700K row files routinely, and need to save in real-time. Conversion from xls to csv programatically is not feasible. Is there a possibility that this functionality might be added?


Currently as the default format of the data in dhtmlxSpreadsheet is a JSON you are able to serialize your dataset to a JSON string.
We’re planning to add the possibility to export the spreadsheet data to the csv string in the future updates.