Cube display

I have a four dimension cube with data that I want to display.

Time dimension, geography dimension, customer dimension and measures ( sales, units, cost etc).

Is there a simple way of displaying this in the grid ?

two dimensions shown on rows and columns, but when values change on other dimensions the grid should show the appropriate data.
e.g. columns, measures list , rows, customers

other dimensions ( time :2010, geography : US )
when geography is changed to Europe then the grid should show Europe data for europe customers.

Also, I should be able to drap drop and interchange the dimensions on rows and columns from the 4 dimensions available.

Please let know.


Unfortunately your requirement is not clear. dhtmlxGrid has Pivot tables extension. Is it what you want? … pivot.html

not really. this is more like excel pivot.

Dimension 1 : customer a, customer b … cust z
dimension 2 : world, us, europe, asia, africa, latin america, anz
dimension 3: jan, dec, q1,q2, q3, q4, all year
dimension 4: Sales, unit sales, costs, profit, net profit

now the grid will show only two dimensions at a time .
e.g. for All year, for World show
dimension 4 ( columns) and customers ( rows) the values
when some other values are chosen in dimension 2 and dim 3 values in grid should change

Also, should be possible for me to see other views like show the sales ( dimensin 4) by time or by geography than by customers by dragging and dropping those dimensions into the rows area.


I need to do the same thing: Creating an OLAP table (not a Pivot) to display a data cube.
I don’t think OLAP tables are supported by dhtmlxGrid, but I’m wondering if there is an easy way to create one?

Technically it possible to change the code of grid, so it will be able to support your requirements, but it will require heavy customization. You can contact about customization details.


I have seen implementation of a cube with a single grid and a tree. In other words: … ndex.shtml

The 3rd dimension is the breakdown structure provided by the three.