Cursoring a item to pointer


How to make the cursor mouse to pointer when hovering a item of bar charts


Unfortunately such feature is not supported.

Thank’s Sematik,

Been trying to achive my goal by calling the onMousemove event, but i don’t know how to get the object of item to change its style
Here’s my Code
myChart.attachEvent(“onMousemove”, function (id, ev, trg){
Maybe there’s a way that you know to do the next step,

Thank you

You may try to use the following code in case of the onMouseMove event usage:
myChart.attachEvent(“onMousemove”, function (id, ev, trg){“pointer”
Also you may redefine a css style for a particular chart bar in case of defined id using the css styles:
or you may redefine a global css for the area object:

Many thank’s, Sematik :slight_smile:

Hello Sematik,

Finally, I found the solution for my case without attaching Event.

Here’s my code

for(var i=0; i<document.getElementById(myChart._map._id).childNodes.length; i++){
	if(document.getElementById(myChart._map._id).childNodes[i].nodeType == 1)
	document.getElementById(myChart._map._id).childNodes[i].style.cursor = "pointer";

Is there a simpler way than the above code ? What do you think ?

Best Regards.